About GT


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GAME TIME FOUNDATION is a non-profit sports foundation for kids in Colombia. It was founded in 2014 in Miami,FL by Nicole Fernandez. GT’s affiliate in Barranquilla, Colombia is Fundación Game Time. Game Time is about helping kids stay active in their sport of choice by providing new or used equipment. GT helps baseball, softball and soccer teams.


Sports teach respect, discipline, teamwork, and responsibility, which influence our youth in a positive way; they are the future of our communities, our countries, and the world. Kids must first believe in themselves, have the desire to play, and from the support of Game Time they could play without setbacks and enjoy the game they love.


About Founder & President

Name: Nicole Fernandez

Career: Sports Journalist & Philanthropist //  www.nicole-fernandez.com

Age: 28

From: Miami, FL

Family From:Barranquilla, Colombia 

Founded GT: January 2014

GT Goals: Create something bigger than by myself. Aiming high with GT and grow it as much as I can every year to impact more children.


Logo Change

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With the evolution of Game Time foundation, from 2014-2015, a new logo was created that represents more in depth what this organization signifies. GT’s logo emphasizes the word ME, because even though we are helping young athletes, the will to stay in the game all starts with the kid we are helping.

                                                                              [ New Logo ]


ME is a #moveMEnt between sports and athletes and Game Time Foundation is about helping our next generation of athletes become that. We are all about being a #Mentor, a #moveMEnt and even though it’s all about #playtiME it all comes to down to being #encourageMEnt to many.