GAME TIME FOUNDATION is a non-profit sports foundation for kids in Colombia. It was  founded in 2014 in Miami,FL. GT’s affiliate in Barranquilla, Colombia is Fundación  Game Time. 

Game Time is about helping kids stay active in their sport of choice by providing new or used (but in good condition) equipment for their personal use. GT started with baseball, since it’s an expensive sport to play, but also helps soccer and basketball teams.

In 2015 ,Game Time’s first year, GT helped about 200 kids of 2 baseball teams and a girls softball team, in Barranquilla(Atlantico) and Campeche (Atlantico) . GT also helped about 20 kids of a soccer team in Zona Bananera (Atlantico), Colombia.

In 2016, GT helped about 300 kids from a baseball team in Lorica(Cordoba) and Baranoa(Atlantico) , as well as a soccer team from Juan De Acosta (Atlantico).

 Each year GT helps different teams in different cities of Northern Colombia and hopes to expand to other regions and cities of Colombia. 

Sports teach respect, discipline, teamwork, and responsibility, which influence our youth in a positive way; they are the future of our communities, our countries, and the world. Kids must first believe in themselves, have the desire to play, and from the support of Game Time they could play without setbacks and enjoy the game they love.  

We are a a 501c3 nonprofit organization.