What Inspired GT


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The story behind Game Time Foundation, told by the founder & president:

 I live my family’s culture and roots with pride and joy. I’m a freelance sports reporter in Miami and  on November 2013 I went to Colombia to do several videos for my website/demos. One of them was on a baseball scout in Barranquilla. This video has had much success in many ways, but it has changed my life without me knowing it would.

Through that video came the inspiration to start a sport’s foundation to help the youth of Colombia live their dream to play a sport, by providing them with (new and/or used but in condition) sports equipment.

 I have always wanted to start a sports foundation because I’ve seen how much a sport can change a child’s life. My non-profit foundation is for kids in cities of North Colombia- Barranquilla. My goal is to keep adding different cities and town every year. Children are the future of our communities and country.

Half of my heart is in Colombia and my other half will be home in Miami. I hope to help children in Miami and in other parts of the US as well. But, without knowing I already am by starting a chain of giving and love between children and adults who donate the equipment in South Florida for the kids in Colombia.

On January 2017 I wanted to celebrate the 800 smiles Game Time has given in 3 years. 

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