Where we help


Game Time Foundation  is based in Miami, FL . It’s affiliate “Fundacion Game Time”  is in Barranquilla, Colombia.

In 3 years GT has helped more than 900 children in 9 different cities/towns of Colombia. Most are on the northern part of Colombia:

  • Barranquilla (City)
  • Campeche (Department-Atlántico)
  • Zona Bananera (Department-Atlántico)
  • Juan De Acosta (Department-Atlántico)
  • Baranoa (Department-Atlántico)
  • Tijereta-Lorica( Department-Cordoba)
  • Riohacha ( Department- La Guajira)
  • Malambo (Department-Atlántico)
  • Puerto Colombia (Department-Atlántico)

Each year GT helps different teams in different cities of Northern Colombia and in the near future we hope to expand to other regions and cities of Colombia.


map: http://colombiamap.facts.co/colombiamapof/colombiamap.php




Barranquilla is about 2 hours & 45 minutes away by plane.


 Barranquilla’s weather is hot and humid by day but, has cool breezes at night. Barranquilla is in the North of Colombia- Atlantic region, it’s one of the many big cities of Colombia.


Campeche, Colombia

Campeche, Colombia

Barranquilla is known for its carnival, its food, the energy of their people, their music- for example the vallenato genre, folkloric  dancing- like the cumbia dance and the profound love of its people for their city and country.