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Helping others during
2020 Covid  pandemic

Because of #Covid-19 Game Time Foundation wanted to help even from a distance. Between July-August 2020 our main idea was to help coaches who lost their jobs and main income. Through a donation we reveived we were able to send 8 differrent soccer, baseball and softball coaches from the #GTKids a supermarket gift card so they may buy groceries. #TogetherHelpingOthers #covidkindnessBecause of #Covid-19 Game Time Foundation wanted to help even from a distance. Between July-August 2020 our main idea was to help coaches who lost their jobs and main income. Through a donation we reveived we were able to send 8 differrent soccer, baseball and softball coaches from the #GTKids a supermarket gift card so they may buy groceries. #TogetherHelpingOthers #covidkindness

Manatí, Colombia https://youtu.be/ueeXMW-h964

Corozal, Colombia https://youtu.be/_CYJ50jao5U

Campeche, Colombia https://youtu.be/ALh2mr2FSEk

Santa Marta, Colombia https://youtu.be/HAmPsmBLCUM

GTF x One Set 4 x
Nueva Life Org

These past 6 months of 2020 3 organizations came together to bring more than 50 smiles to children in La Guajira, Colombia through soccer donations. 

Video of donation above

 Campeche, Atlántico,Colombia November 2019


Manatí, Atlántico,Colombia
November 2019


 Cartagena, Bolívar, Colombia December 2019


   Corozal,Sucre, Colombia
December 2019


   Corozal,Sucre, Colombia December 2019


Montería, Cordoba,   Colombia December 2019


GT Ambassador Testimonials

Helping others also impacts those who volunteer in Game Time Foundation.

Ver cada personita recibir y valorar los detalles, que con tanto esfuerzo se recolectan y se envían durante un año, es sencillamente una experiencia extraordinaria, abre tu mente, y te muestra mil maneras de perseguir el mundo. 

Pienso que es importante sentir apoyo para lograr tus sueños y pienso que game time hace eso, es un granito te arena que te impulsa un montos para seguir luchando por eso que tanto quieres. _____________ Seeing each child receive and value the equipment, which are collected with so much effort for a year and sent , is simply an extraordinary experience, it opens your mind, and shows you a thousand ways to pursue the world. I think it is important to show support to achieve your dreams and I think that game time does that, it is a grain of salt that drives children to continue fighting for what they love so much.
Kitzy Varela Florez

GT Colombia Subdirector

Me gusto ser parte de la experiencia Game Time, lo mejor? Verle las sonrisas a los niños cuando llegas a llevarles esas palabras de aliento para que sigan haciendo deportes y para que luchen por su futuro, eso no tiene precio. Hay que seguir brindando esa esperanza a los niños para que en un futuro alcancen sus sueños.

___________ I liked being part of the Game Time experience. The best part is seeing the smiles on the children when you get to bring them words of encouragement so that they continue playing sports and fighting for their dreams, that is priceless. We must continue to provide that hope to children so that in the future they will achieve their dreams.
Mauricio Annicchiarico

GT Barranquilla Ambassador

Ver a los niños trabajando incansablemente en sus sueños hace que se mantengan los tuyos despiertos. Presenciar momentos llenos de alegría y de sonrisas te recuerdan que aún en medio de tanta adversidad siempre hay una luz de esperanza . Gracias Game Time por esos momentos tan maravillosos y por brindarles las herramientas para que sigan desarrollando sus capacidades y hacer sentir que lo que desean lo pueden lograr. ______________

Seeing children working tirelessly in their dreams keeps yours awake. Witnessing moments full of joy and smiles remind you that even in the midst of so much adversity there is always a light of hope. Thank you Game Time for those wonderful moments and for giving children the tools to continue developing their abilities and for making them feel that what they want they can achieve.
Josue Alcala Teran

GT Barranquilla Ambassador

Gracias a Game Time por su misión y vision, el sacrificio y esfuerzo que se lleva día tras día es de admirar, todo esto que hace GT de llevar alegría a los niños más necesitados y que puedan practicar deporte es bonito ya que en la mayoría de los casos se cuenta con muy pocos recursos por parte de los padres de familia. ________ Thanks to Game Time for its mission and vision, the sacrifice and effort that it takes day after day is to admire, all that GT does to bring joy to the most needy children and two they may practice sport is beautiful since in most of the cases the children parents’ have very few resources to provide that for them.
Jonathan Urshela Salcedo

GT Cartagena Ambassador

Me parece muy linda la labor que realiza Game Time con los niños y disfrute mucho la oportunidad que me brindo de aportar con el crecimiento y sueños de ellos, lo haría una y otra vez!

La ayuda que brinda Game Time alimenta los sueños y talentos de estos niños que serán los deportistas del mañana. Creo que todos tenemos algo que aportarle a la sociedad, Game Time lo hace a traves del deporte. Impulsando a los niños de las comunidades vulnerables a creer en su talento. ________ I find the work that Game Time does with the children is very nice and I really enjoyed the opportunity that I had to contribute with their growth and dreams, I would do it again and again! The help provided by Game Time fuels the dreams and talents of these children who will be the athletes of tomorrow. I think we all have something to contribute to society, Game Time does it through sports. GT encourages children in vulnerable communities to believe in their talent.
Andrea Garcia Pico

GT Barranquilla Ambassador


“Every child should have access to sports & use that platform to learn & grow as an individual.”


“Empowering children by providing sports essentials, teaching sportsmanship & hosting impactful life conversations.”



Where we work

Game Time was started in 2014 to help kid athletes in Colombia. Our work has been done in Northern Colombia; in the Atlantico department/region where the main city Barranquilla is located.


Game Time was started in 2014 to help kids through sports in the beautiful country of Colombia.

🇨🇴Colombia is the 4th largest country of South America. It has more than 48 million citizens. Its official language is Spanish. It’s situated in the northwest of South America, with territories in Central America. Colombia shares a border to the northwest with Panama, to the east with Venezuela and Brazil and to the south with Ecuador and Peru .It has borders in the Atlantic & Pacific Ocean. [- via: Wikipedia ]


Colombia’s capital is Bogota. It has many major cities like Cali, Medellin, Catagena and Barranquilla.

Barranquilla, is located in Northern Colombia and it’s the capital of the Atlantico Department. It’s the 4th largest city in Colombia with a population of more than 1.2 million people since the 2017 census. The city is the epicenter for economic growth in its metropolitan area for municipalities like Soledad, Galapa, Malambo, and Puerto Colombia. • The city is home to one of the most important folk and cultural festivals of Colombia, the Carnival of Barranquilla, which was declared a National Cultural Heritage by the Congress of Colombia in 2001 and recognized by UNESCO in 2003. [- via: Wikipedia ]


Game Time has helped 31 teams in 21 locations in the Atlántico, Bolivar, Magdalena, Sucre, Cordoba and Guajira Departments. 19 baseball teams, 7 soccer teams , 3 softball teams, 2 basketball teams have been assisted. As well as 1 school in Campeche was donated interactive educational game/ school supplies and at a  school in Sincelejo, 100 young boys and girls were donated Christmas presents.

All of these 6 departments are in Northern Colombia. GT always arrives in Barranquilla and from there either in private or public transportation goes to the different towns. Some towns are an hour, two hours, or three hours away from Barranquilla and the trip is done in one day. Some towns which are 4-5 hours away from Barranquilla have been done in different days.

3 Impacts

Talking about nutrition and dental hygiene has an individual impact.
Talking about gender inclusion/equality in sports has a community impact.
Exposing children to English & teaching them bilingualism has a global impact.

Shopping with a purpose

A new way to support the Game Time Kids.  Together we can support kids enjoy sports and grow as individuals in different towns of Northern Colombia. A % of each t-shirt sale will go towards the #GTMovement.

Click on the store tab and/or on each shirt to purchase.

Unisex Game Time VIP Ambassador T-Shirt

Unisex Game Time  Ambassador T-Shirt


June 2017 the Colombian Embassasy in Washington D.C .

Awarded Nicole Fernandez, founder & president, of Game Time Foundation with “Los 22 Más.”

“Los 22 Más ” was given by the Colombian Embassy and 2 Colombian TV Networks- RCN & NTN24.  22 Colombians who are representing the country great in the US and in Colombia were given this recognition. Nicole was the youngest of the group and the only woman from the city of Barranquilla, Colombia to receive the award. She was chosen from 1,545 people who were voted in. The link to the video from the ceremony, is below and Game Time’s video starts in minute 12. ( video in Spanish)

Seen on

US TV Networks & Colombian TV Networks